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Ken Jebsen and Anschi Strittmatter

In my project „PUBLIK-PRIVAT" I tried to visualize the functional asymmetry of the right and the left brains of a human being through facial expression. Therefore, I cut faces vertically and mirrored one side with the original one, so that the attention could be clearly on one specific side of a face. This way I created chimeric beings. Some facets of the character of the original person came into light through these chimeras and the hypothesis of a relationship between the brain asymmetry and the face asymmetry has been exposed.

Also in „FACES OF LOVE“ I worked with imaginary faces. This time I didn't create symmetrical chimeras but hermaphroditical ones - the combination of the two partners of a couple. And this time too, it was amazing to observe how these impossible creations became, in the process, a reality, an individual life. They became real people, with their own identity and personality. Each face was the expression of the love relationship of its affiliated partners.

Obviously, I had to give them some names!